Anatina Toys is an international organization with a humanitarian focus striving to improve the quality of life for Bolivian artisans.
We create fulfilling and permanent employment among the many small and micro workshops that create fabric and wooden toys following international standards for North American & European
Markets. Our primary activities are; design, raw material supply,
training and worldwide marketing for the products –

1. Design and product development through creativity and responsibility by a team including a child psychologist and
toy designer complemented by a multidisciplinary quality &
control group.

2. Providing affordable materials and supplies for the production in these independent workshops.

3. Thorough and appropriate training for
the artisans in toy manufacturing techniques
and entrepreneurial training, which aims to help them in improving their business and
product quality.

4. Diligently search for new markets to supply our
products abroad and increase production.

Our main goal is designing toys that create a high degree of “PLAYABILITY”, which means:

  • Stimulate a child’s curiosity,
  • Motivate their creativity,
  • Engage them to play in different ways, numerous times and for extended periods.

Good stewardship is a main concern for Anatina Toys. We want to take care of our planet and environment. Therefore quality, safety and international standards are among our main priorities. For that reason, all our raw materials and supplies are environmentally friendly.

  • Our paint is NON TOXIC
  • Our wood is FSC CERTIFIED
  • Our fabric is RECYCLED

Our quality controls guarantee that our toys:

  • Do not have sharp edges that may harm a child.
  • Do not contain small pieces that a child may swallow or choke on.
  • Use non-toxic water based paint that does not contain lead or other toxic elements.
  • Use non-toxic glue to secure all parts.

every time you buy an Anatina Toy, you are helping to create employment for Bolivian artisans and care for our planet.   Contact Us Today!